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Doing Homework

Academic Mentoring

Student Study Skill Development

ALC believes that there is nothing more crucial to your student's success than a thorough understanding of his/her individual learning style. Our tutors help students develop the ability, capacity, and desire to work and study constructively through an ongoing partnership with a focus on the big picture and real world successes. ALC tutors present successful strategies and skills through activities and modeling in a lively and enthusiastic manner.


Homework does not need to be a daily battle - with proper study skills in place your child will soon be acing their quizzes, raising their hand to answer questions in class, and helping out their struggling classmates. ALC tutors will guide and direct your student as they gain confidence and pride in their ability as both learner and leader. By minimizing frustration and maximizing efficiency, your student will spend less time studying and will have more time to just be a kid!

Learning Styles

Students will learn to identify the style that best describes them as a learner (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and "try on" study skills and techniques best-suited to their individual strengths. 

Goal Setting & Motivation

Students will learn the role that goal creation plays in success and self-esteem.  They will become motivated to create their own realistic and attainable academic and organizational goals. 

Structure & Time Management

Students will learn to demonstrate self-management and discipline. They will improve their ability to adapt, be flexible, and successfully avoid procrastination.


Concentration & Memorization

Students will learn the importance of creating a distraction-free atmosphere and space conducive to effective concentration and studying. They will gain tools to increase memory and information retention.

Active Participation

Students will learn to listen actively, engage in discussions, ask pertinent questions, interpret information presented, and draw conclusions. 


Summarization & Comprehension

Students will learn to monitor reading for understanding, glean essential information, and use outlining, paraphrasing, highlighting, and abbreviation to increase note-taking efficiency and improve test taking results.

Students That Benefit from Academic Mentoring

  • Struggling students with academic and/or structural needs

  • Successful students with organizational needs

  • Students that have lost confidence in their ability as a learner 

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