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Subject Tutoring


Although it may go unnoticed, math is all around us in everything we do. ALC tutors will design a customized program based on the system already in place at your student's school, thereby lowering the anxiety and stress that math problems and assignments often create. By using manipulatives and hands-on learning techniques, math problems will be presented in a variety of ways in order to ensure complete comprehension. Your student will leave ALC's program searching for more math problems to solve in their daily lives!

History & Social Studies

The average student views history as a class in memorization which often leads to frustration and low grades. ALC tutors work with students to help them understand the causal nature of history and how each event leads to the next. Tutors emphasize study skills, research skills, and writing which are essential elements to mastering any history and/or social studies class.

English/Reading/Language Arts

Literacy opens doors. Since studies show that development of key literacy components in the early years predicts later literary success, it is important to inspire children to become strong, confident readers when they are young. Let ALC support your child in building and applying a strong set of literary skills essential to their success. The results will last a lifetime!  ALC tutors offer expertise in literature, writing and composition, grammar, proofreading, and researching at all levels - elementary, middle, high school, and college. 


Science promotes an enriched, well-nourished mind. It is a place for curiosity, exploration, and discovery. ALC science tutors work with students to teach them the importance of observing, looking and listening.  Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Marine Science are just a few of the topics our tutors cover. Let ALC provide your student with the valuable tools they need to research, explore, and understand the world around them – especially the unknown!

Spanish Language

Research proves that students who learn a language tend to have superior reading, writing, analytical and social skills, as well as more extensive vocabularies than their monolingual peers. Additionally, they score higher on standardized tests, are better problem solvers, and are more open to diversity. The one-on-one tutoring environment is ideal for foreign language instruction because it provides a comfortable setting in which the student can experiment with speaking and listening in another language.

Miscellaneous Topics

 ALC has expert tutors to work with students at all levels - elementary, middle, high school, and college! All tutoring sessions are built on the philosophy that inquiry leads to discussion and challenges us to dig deep for explanations. Therefore, our tutors are always receptive to questions and encourage further discussions. There is great value in this activation of higher level thinking skills. Wondering if we have a tutor on hand to help with the topic you need help with? Inquire with our team.

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